Saturday, December 19, 2009


The packing is done and the car's ready, but a storm's on it's way. Let's hope it all goes well!
I am going to miss all of you so much!
However, in a small way, I get to bring you all with me on this quest, this adventure through this blog. A quest to discover the sights and sounds of Italy An adventure to find the most splendid of tastes and smells on the peninsula. If it is possible, to then extend beyond the bounds of Italian borders, stray beyond the Alps, and explore what there is to see to the north. A journey of this magnitude will surely take months to complete, and tangents galore will occur, but here it begins.
So here we go again..

Sat. 19th

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  1. Don't want to rain on your parade...but you are there to study, I mean classes and not just the menus. I know you'll have a fantastic time Alex, and I thank you for bringing us along with you. At least I can keep up with some of what you are doing by checking out your blog. Mom