Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre-Trip Day 1- Packing

As anyone who knows what it's like to pack for a trip one will be on for a time of incredible duration will tell you, such an a process cannot occur very quickly. Therefore, to divide my time I decided to establish this blog, from which you may all in the future be updated on my various travels, inquiries, musings, and other assorted mishaps. As Giovanni Boccaccio so accurately noted in his Decameron, the telling of stories can be one of the most remarkable pleasures afforded from friends, to friends, and hopefully, you will all be delighted by the stories recounted herein. I have been blessed with stories, bitter and sweet, throughout my life, and I am certain that the flow will not cease now that a new adventure to Europe has begun. This blog will surely have posted upon it exciting adventures of my own, but will also include tales from more ancient times I hear. Hopefully in reading, one may derive both merriment and useful council. Should this happen (and may God grant that it does), let everyone thank Him who keeps me safe in His care, providing all I need and, what's more: the voice to talk about it. It will certainly seem to some at times quasi una fantasia, but verily I swear that everything will be as true as truth can tell. Therefore, to cease gilding the lily, and with no more ado, so begins my blog.

a.k.a. Barbarosa

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  1. alex - we are all breathlesly waiting for your next episode of your venice connection. your godmother is thrilled with it a w are here and my brother Phil. I know you ae busy but hopeully after you retire at night aremaking some notes. you are such a good narrator and writer.
    lots of love dear one - it is 4 degress wind chill here today. justj got in from grocery shopping a tim and gail arrive today for two nights and I am not going out again. hi to everyone mimi